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Stop giving your money to people who hate you.

Spend your money in the modern age, not the stone age.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Fancy some urine with your beer?

Word reaches us from a few different sources that a disgusting practice appears to be commonplace amongst muslim corner shop staff.

Several of you have reported that you've either seen men urinating on the bottles and cans of beer before placing them on the shelf to be purchased by us, the filthy infidels. This has obvious health concerns but really only shows the depth of hatred shown by this embedded fifth column to their customers and fellow countrymen.

It seems that they don't mind selling it, handling it and profiting from it, but they have to have their little piss-jihad as well.

We've had reports from London, Birmingham, Leicester and Leeds about this practice and we are compiling a database of incidents. If you have seen this, or have reason to suspect it, please get in touch.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Online petitions - see right hand side bar

We listed just a few relevant petitions. Please take the time to sign them and show that we can act as a single group towards reducing the impact and effect of islam in this once great country.

Please also pass them around to your blogpals.