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Stop giving your money to people who hate you.

Spend your money in the modern age, not the stone age.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Boycott Goods From Muslim Countries - A Guide

Many of you have already written in to say that you've already been boycotting Islam for a while now - great work! Now we have a way to identify goods from Muslim countries by their barcode.

You may be aware that there is a Boycott Israel campaign using this same method, we just think the tables should be turned on the Islamoconomies themselves.

This post will contain a list of Muslim countries and their barcode prefixes. Print it out and take it shopping, give to friends, share over the internet or pin it to your fridge - just start boycotting!

This is the beginning of the barcode list. God alone know what you would want to buy from some of these shitholes, but boycott them anyway. Maybe they can build an economy around camel raping and eating sand.

We'll keep adding to it and we hope to list companies and products shortly. Keep watching!

EAN-UCC prefix Country ISO country code
609 Mauritius mu
611 Morocco ma
613 Algeria dz
619 Tunisia tn
621 Syria sy
622 Egypt eg
624 Libya ly
629 Emirates ae
628 Saudi Arabia sa
627 Kuwait kw
626 Iran ir
625 Jordan jo

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Your comments so far!

Well, your support so far has been overwhelming!

143 emails supporting Dhimmiphobia - that is the fear of becoming subservient to Islam. Many of you have written with new boycotts of your own and tales of how much you have pulled your money out of the Muslim economy. Excellent work!

J.T. from London writes:

"I had planned to go on holiday in July to North Africa. My Father was in action there in WW2 and I wanted to see Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc as part of a retirement trip for myself and my wife. No more! I have now booked a pleasant month travelling around our own beautiful country. I plan to take in the Cotswolds, Devon, Cornwall and loads of other places. I've removed almost £4,500 from the Islamoconomy just with this trip alone and I've donated a few quid to the British Legion. Please let people know that we must stick together on this subject."

Keep the emails coming and let the world know of Dhimmiphobia!

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

No Submission!

A boycott is all well and good, but we need to take the fight online. To this end we urge everyone who has a website, blog, myspace profile or any other online presence to do the following:

Remove the word 'Submit' from your online forms - We will not submit to Islam.

Use the words 'Christian name' and 'Surname' on online forms - The origins of these words are non-Islamic and reinforce our cultural heritage.

Always spell Muslim, Islam, Mohammed, Koran, Quran etc with a lower case initial - We don't want to show any respect to those who do not deserve it. We have used the capitalised versions on this site in order to draw attention to those words in the context that we use them.

Why not send us your ideas to

Monday, 12 March 2007

How To Boycott!

The team here at No To Islam! have so far managed to cease using the following services provided by Islam or Muslims:

Petrol - Our cars now run locally produced Biodiesel. No money goes to Saudi Arabia for terrorist funding and mosque building. Oil is a problem though, no practical alternative exists yet. We're working on it. We also cycle where ever possible.

Food - We have given up Indian food and Indian beer. Not a difficult decision as it's so unhealthy anyway.

Airlines - One of our number is a high flying corporate type. His firm are going on a business trip to Hong Kong and the travel department initially booked Emirates, but after some complaining they changed to British Airways at a cost to the Muslim economy of over £14,500.

Corner shops - We no longer use the two local shops owned by the local Ali family, but we use a delightful shop owned by a Greek family slightly further away. A small boycott we agree, but one that makes over £100 per week difference when cigarettes, alchohol, newspapers and misc sundries are taken into account.

Taxis - We used to use the local private hire firm, but they have Islamic script danglies in the cars and Arabic music playing. We now use a taxi firm run by a local English family - they may be East End gangster wannabees, but at least they aren't Muslims.

Shopping - We no longer purchase any goods from Islamic companies or goods produced or supplied from Islamic countries. Simply check the country of origin and put it back on the shelf. Also, make a point of not using any Muslim cashiers, but if you have to, purchase pork products - preferably Danish (see cartoon row). Complaints about Muslims checkout staff always get a friendly response from store managers. (At least in the UK so far. In the US, they have a burgeoning problem with Muslims.)

Between the three people involved in No To Islam!, we estimate that we have deprived around £2500 per month from our local Muslim economy alone. A drop in the ocean, but if dozens of people around the country get involved, then a real difference would be felt by our Muslim brethren. Several of our friends are starting to get involved and their boycott will start to be felt soon.

So get involved! Start your local boycott today! Tell us what you are doing! Do it now!

Boycott Islam

With the ever growing threat of Muslim terrorism, the growing numbers of Muslims colonising our once proud lands and the intolerance and hatred they sow and reap world-wide, we at No To Islam! present some ideas to remove yourself from the Islamic economy.

This will hopefully have the effect of reducing the amount of money input into their terrorist focused economy and give them a clear signal that Islam is not wanted in any Western country.