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Stop giving your money to people who hate you.

Spend your money in the modern age, not the stone age.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Your comments so far!

Well, your support so far has been overwhelming!

143 emails supporting Dhimmiphobia - that is the fear of becoming subservient to Islam. Many of you have written with new boycotts of your own and tales of how much you have pulled your money out of the Muslim economy. Excellent work!

J.T. from London writes:

"I had planned to go on holiday in July to North Africa. My Father was in action there in WW2 and I wanted to see Libya, Egypt, Tunisia etc as part of a retirement trip for myself and my wife. No more! I have now booked a pleasant month travelling around our own beautiful country. I plan to take in the Cotswolds, Devon, Cornwall and loads of other places. I've removed almost £4,500 from the Islamoconomy just with this trip alone and I've donated a few quid to the British Legion. Please let people know that we must stick together on this subject."

Keep the emails coming and let the world know of Dhimmiphobia!


Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

In my computer your other site to which you have asked for mail/ideas to be sent is not opening.
Hence I am posting the following link where you should read a very important Editorial from one and only antidhimmi newspaper of India:

"Pidgin can't fly

The Pioneer Edit Desk

Spare English multi-culturalism

Anonymous said...

i have started this boycott now. My office no longer flies any Muslim airline, we don't use the local arabic taxi fleet and muslim related meals are right out. We also will review our suppliers policy and weed out any from islamic countries or which have muslim owners.

well done on this we need more solidarity to beat the muslim menace once again.


Anonymous said...

"143 emails supporting Dhimmiphobia - that is the fear of becoming subservient to Islam."

Supporting fear... Well I know certainly enjoy being fearful and want those around me to be afraid as well... classic haha

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

I've been boycotting the local (Lebanese Muslim's) greengrocers since they set up shop three years ago...

It's a bit of a pisser at the moment, I must admit: I've got a broken ankle and the inconvenience is a mite painful as well...

War! I'm doing my bit.

Anonymous said...

we feared communism and went to war, i. e. THE COLD WAR. now a different wolf is at the door. just as dangerous and able to plan for the long run. subjugation of europe was almost successful with 700 years of trouble. the christian armies won, but the believers remained in europe, which forms the foundation for today's problems. we, as a free western society, must commit ourselves to total victory. call it a crusade or a cleansing, VICTORY, at any cost, is our only choice.