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Stop giving your money to people who hate you.

Spend your money in the modern age, not the stone age.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Boycott Goods From Muslim Countries - A Guide

Many of you have already written in to say that you've already been boycotting Islam for a while now - great work! Now we have a way to identify goods from Muslim countries by their barcode.

You may be aware that there is a Boycott Israel campaign using this same method, we just think the tables should be turned on the Islamoconomies themselves.

This post will contain a list of Muslim countries and their barcode prefixes. Print it out and take it shopping, give to friends, share over the internet or pin it to your fridge - just start boycotting!

This is the beginning of the barcode list. God alone know what you would want to buy from some of these shitholes, but boycott them anyway. Maybe they can build an economy around camel raping and eating sand.

We'll keep adding to it and we hope to list companies and products shortly. Keep watching!

EAN-UCC prefix Country ISO country code
609 Mauritius mu
611 Morocco ma
613 Algeria dz
619 Tunisia tn
621 Syria sy
622 Egypt eg
624 Libya ly
629 Emirates ae
628 Saudi Arabia sa
627 Kuwait kw
626 Iran ir
625 Jordan jo


Anonymous said...

other than using the site
it would be difficult to identify which businesses are catering to islamic torrents. Any corp. funding events run by or inviting islamic leaders should also be put on notice that they will be exposed and consumers will no longer support their product or services.

During the elections, there was a wonderful red state - blue state list of political contributors making it very easy to choose which businesses to patronize. Such a list identifying companies which refuse to cave to pressure from supposed islamic civil rights groups should be created and distributed widely. Recall that the 6 imams that were tossed from an US Airways flight threatened to boycott the airline. The general public (infidel) immediately responded with gratitude for establishing a muslim free airline.
The 6 imams retracted their 'threat' to boycott realizing it backfired terribly. Now they are threatening to sue, not only the airline, but every TSA employee involved as well as the Jon Does that reported the suspicious activity these imams participated in.
So far, US Air hasn't caved, and they should be celebrated for it.
Support businesses that treat ALL people equally. Any business that alters standard business practices to accomodate islam is no longer treating everyone the same. And we in turn should respond in kind.

The Editor said...

Good points, but;

Rather than tying ourselves in knots trying to find specific islamic terrorist supporting ventures - we simply don't have the resources - we should boycott ALL muslim/islamic business and products.

Do muslim terrorists ask fellow passengers their occupations before blowing themselves up on the underground?

Did muslim terrorists ask all civilians to vacate the world trade centre?

No. Let's not try and micro-discriminate. Just boycott everything islamic.

Let's see how long it takes before they realise that bad behaviour = no money.

The Editor said...

We should however, reward any business that refuses to cowtow or submit to islamic threats and demands. Patronise companies who take positive action to stop the slow spread of islam. Make companies aware of your reasoning.

Anonymous said...

I just exchanged currency at the American Express office in Edinburgh and noticed that the receipt said "Kanoo FES Ltd UK".

I'm sick.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if our governments do not confront the Islamic plague, we the "infidel" consumers of the world will.

A simple rule for doing business: Any arabic-sounding brand name or company should be avoided.

Anonymous said...

yeh well i personally prefer to exchange currency and give money to a muslim company than give it to americans who dont know their consumption limit or israelis who hav nothin better to do than shoot innocent children... thats what makes me sick. its about time to hav your own brain and not be ignorant to beleve what the media portray of muslims, that way your bein taken as a fool.

Anonymous said...

oh yes boycott the muslim products!boycott the muslim oil as well-lol.this blog is a racist/nazi blog.

The Editor said...

Racist blog? Sorry, what race are muslims?

Anonymous said...

what do you think Islam is? It's a bunch of racists against anything NOT for Islam & NOT for Allah.

If you call me a racist because I oppose terrorists.......then I am surely a racist.


Anonymous said...

I've never come accross such bunch of uneducated, ignorant, shortsighted, bigots, and not to mention prejudice lot! I won't even bother to explain the stupidity of your ignorant, unfounded views, because that would be a waste on people like you with limited intelligence..If you're so keen to boycott any goods from Muslim countries, then give up your car, where do you think your petrol come from?? You lot are frustrated with your own shortcomings and want to blame the entire Muslim world! Look a bit deeper and 'close' to home, and you should find the answer to today's problems!!!! THINK!

The Editor said...

You won't bother to explain our stupid argument because you can't in any rational terms.

We'd love to stop using oil right away. Not really possible, but we can reduce our use and switch over to alternatives.

Like islam, we are playing the long game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

killing muslims was fun. we should offer hunting trips and then hangs their towel heads on the wall.

Anonymous said...

People boycott Israel because they are an autonomous democratic state that continues to commit crimes against Palestinians living within its border. They are also in violation of numerous UN resolutions. Much like how there was a mass boycott of South Africa during apartheid, people (Muslims and non-Muslims) have chosen to boycott Israel.

Boycotting products from so-called Muslim nations (very few nations actually have a wholly Muslim population!) is like saying that all those states fun Al Queda and associated terrorist networks.

Quite frankly, you sound quite ignorant and ill-informed. Maybe you are not a 'racist' in the accurate sense of the word, but you are certainly Islamophobic and seem like you are full of hate.

Maybe Western states should stop buying OIL from Muslim countries? Would you support that?

The Editor said...

A number of points not in order:

1) It's not racist to avoid putting money in the pockets of people who hate us. It's common sense. The use of the word 'islamaphobic' is like shouting 'nazi!' at someone who disagrees with you - it is meaningless.

The quite rational and very real fear of islam many people have is a response to islamic activity - overt and covert terrorism, overt and covert jihad.

2) I'd love the 'West' to stop buying the oil from islamic countries. Unfortunately, due to a cruel geological twist of fate, most of the worlds oil sits underneath islamic countries. Simple point - is it wasn't for that oil, we wouldn't even know of the words 'islam' or 'muslim' without referring to a history book.

Personally, I use biodiesel made locally. We can't stop using islamic oil, but we can reduce our consumption and therefore the money which reaches their pockets.

3) You are quite right "very few nations actually have a wholly Muslim population". However, many countries (30-40 at the last count. see note 1 below) can be considered to be majority islamic or run along some sort of islamic basis.

4) I am quite remarkably well-informed about islam and its activities. The 13 people who form the Boycott Islam committee have many years experience in dealing with muslims and their problems. The charge of ignorance is therefore baseless.

Link 1 :

Anonymous said...

boycott oil if u can ,
drive your cars with your pee or your fart

Anonymous said...

Boycott Oil and ride horses dumb asses.
remember when you have to pay$4 a gallon what happened, all the hammers and suvs are useless..
FYI is the most spreading religion, which means the most rising economy, sorry you can do nothing about beside watching and crying :) sorry! Islam is the next ideology too bad

Anonymous said...

There have been hundreds of religions before islam and there will be many more after is has been destroyed.

it is nothing more than an excuse for a hatred, an excuse for molesting children and an excuse for pretending to be superior. in fact, muslims are the lowest form of life on the planet.

even the bacteria which lives in fly shit is more civilised and intelligent than most mohammadens.

i long for the day when i piss on the grave of the worlds last muslim. it will be a busy place.

akhter said...

The best horses are the Arabians Ha haha

Anonymous said...

See what people don't understand is that, what is most important to a muslim is the hereafter, not today and now. A lot of non-muslims see the world as everything, therefore they go on and try to rule and control all. So please go on and boycott all islamic goods. Death is inevitable, all have to die, so the day you all do, you will realise the meaning of life.

With a bit of research and exploration of the quraan you will learn islams true value.


Anonymous said...

In the past i have boycotted goods from South Africa [aparteid] and France [nuclear testing] and now boycott , where possible, goods from islamic states/owned companies. It is my right to make sure my rice comes from india not pakistan, buy petrol from BP not Q8 and to have a chinese instead of a curry!
my money, my choice!

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? How awful and pathetic.

Anonymous said...

It gets on my nerves when people say this is racist etc so islam is a great religion then, preventing freedom for all women treating them like shit, bombing innocent people to receive vestal virgins? great. So if you are worried about this this makes you a nazi then? whatever. im sure you would feel the same way if you were on those planes on 9/11. And it is worrying that people don't want to stop them from taking over and contributing to terrorism.

Anonymous said...

Even the air is islamic.

You sad pathetic twat,when your dead thats it, gone. Enjoy life while you can.

Anonymous said...


Another conspiracy nut case.

Anonymous said...

i dont really know how much will come from this idea. as i think most people avoid complex topics of today. however, I'm all for this boycott. i wish i could say that there were enough decent muslims out there to fight sharia-based islam(which.. if you're a westerner, could be defined as "evil"). in fact perhaps we should use the standard that if you are either FOR sharia or wouldnt fight AGAINST it.. you are one of the evil muslims we have to try to kill, before they kill us.

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see people especially the editor in mind to be so hateful of is not the religion of islam that is bad but the minority of so called muslims that tarnish the rightful religion.

Whatever your arguments, one thing is for certain, when it is our time to die you will all see the errors of your way, and such grief and despair will be your companion. Remember this warning, for you have been warned.

I pray Allah protect me and all true believers from people like you all and may Allah have mercy towards the believers..

Anonymous said...

Sure, go and boycott all the Muslim products if you want. In Islam, the hereafter is more important than the economy or money. The 911 accident is a planned one. I'm not sure if you heard about this one, but FYI, during 9/11, ALL Jews did not come to work in the WTC. Okay, did you know about the LifeLine4Gaza campaign? It is the campaign where volunteers come together to help the people of Gaza. The ship that they sailed on was attacked by Israelis at the Mediterranean Sea. And the Israelis didn't have the rights to do that since it does not belong to them. The volunteers, they weren't armed. 20 of them died and many of them were shot and injured. You see, boycotting Muslim products does not give the Muslim a disadvantage. We have our faith. It just shows how arrogant you are.

Anonymous said...

The maker of this site, you guys are a worthless piece of junk and you are just some sorry dumbass, you chose your life, you will end up suffering the consequence, you have re defined racism, Every breath you take is a waste...

Anonymous said...

To the last poster...are you for real? Somewhere between 240-400 Jews died in the WTC, compared to an estimated 23 Muslims (not counting the hijackers). The flotilla invasion you talked about was caught on video. Watch it and then try to tell me they weren't provoked. Think for yourself. Don't let your religion think for you.

Anonymous said...

Nashik City in India is center of hinduism and we don't have any problem but now bangladeshis Muslims are coming to Nashik

shebin said...

YES ISLAM SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED in this way without violence Islam will decline
i am also boycotting all Muslims in my community
just do following

keep thee Muslims out of Europe and US
DON'T donate to islamic funds
dont make muslim friends

force you govt. to make STRICT rules regarding population growth and islaic immigration
so pls save world from ISLAMIC terrorism
pls go to following link in you-tube
and also see other related videos
god bless you
Europe and US

shebin geogre said...

islam is most Aggressive religion
it teaches killing of innocent people in the name of one god
what they called JIHAD

it must be boycotted

Anonymous said...

People talk about shariaa based islam (evil) the word shariaa simply means law. and the islamic law is about equality of all races. I can see how that can bother many people in the west.

Anti-Crusader said...

Ha Ha Ha! Everything in the world is in control of ALLAH. So, you foolish Israelis do what you feel you can do and you'll see you can do no harm to any Muslim. May ALLAH show you the right path. Ameen

Anonymous said...

homosexuals hanged in Iran. Women imprisoned for sitting in a cafe with a man, women stoned to death fro sleeping with a man. That is sharia.