No To Islam! Boycott islamic shops, restaurants, garages, taxis, video hire shops, airlines, online shops, travel agents, kebab shops, mobile 'phone sellers.

Stop giving your money to people who hate you.

Spend your money in the modern age, not the stone age.

Monday, 12 March 2007

How To Boycott!

The team here at No To Islam! have so far managed to cease using the following services provided by Islam or Muslims:

Petrol - Our cars now run locally produced Biodiesel. No money goes to Saudi Arabia for terrorist funding and mosque building. Oil is a problem though, no practical alternative exists yet. We're working on it. We also cycle where ever possible.

Food - We have given up Indian food and Indian beer. Not a difficult decision as it's so unhealthy anyway.

Airlines - One of our number is a high flying corporate type. His firm are going on a business trip to Hong Kong and the travel department initially booked Emirates, but after some complaining they changed to British Airways at a cost to the Muslim economy of over £14,500.

Corner shops - We no longer use the two local shops owned by the local Ali family, but we use a delightful shop owned by a Greek family slightly further away. A small boycott we agree, but one that makes over £100 per week difference when cigarettes, alchohol, newspapers and misc sundries are taken into account.

Taxis - We used to use the local private hire firm, but they have Islamic script danglies in the cars and Arabic music playing. We now use a taxi firm run by a local English family - they may be East End gangster wannabees, but at least they aren't Muslims.

Shopping - We no longer purchase any goods from Islamic companies or goods produced or supplied from Islamic countries. Simply check the country of origin and put it back on the shelf. Also, make a point of not using any Muslim cashiers, but if you have to, purchase pork products - preferably Danish (see cartoon row). Complaints about Muslims checkout staff always get a friendly response from store managers. (At least in the UK so far. In the US, they have a burgeoning problem with Muslims.)

Between the three people involved in No To Islam!, we estimate that we have deprived around £2500 per month from our local Muslim economy alone. A drop in the ocean, but if dozens of people around the country get involved, then a real difference would be felt by our Muslim brethren. Several of our friends are starting to get involved and their boycott will start to be felt soon.

So get involved! Start your local boycott today! Tell us what you are doing! Do it now!


Anonymous said...

India is only around 13% Muslim, the majority (over 80%) are Hindu and the rest are Sikhs or Christians.

So there's no real point boycotting India.

The Editor said...

True, but almost all Indian restaurants are owned and run by Muslims. So the principle still stands.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Editor. india is outrageously dhimmi and muslim mollycoddling. The jihadists are so intricately interspersed among the majority of dhimmi Hindus. Even musharraf has managed to kill some muslims . What has ahimsaic thisisnotislamists india done?

Take indian movies.Most of them financed by jihadists and the money ploughed back to jihadists.I don't watch indian movies.I shun indian cricket too.And pc media . As Michael Corleone says "to keep the enemies closer" I skim through the bilge written by them.I don't cast my vote as what is practised in india is sham democracy (voteocracy) and almost all of them are crooks and thugs. And the suggestions given by you are superb. They are by no means a "drop in the ocean ". A thousand mile walk starts with the first step.

And I pray to ArunachalaSiva. There were more than 70 cults prior to the Advent of Aadhi Shankara. Does anyone recall their names even now??

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

I boycott the following Muslim businesses. It makes for a bit more driving, bus-catching, and walking but I thoroughly enjoy myself ATTACKING ISLAM IN AUSTRALIA!!

Chemist shop
Petrol station
Taxi service
Doctor's surgery
Fish and chip shop
Car mechanics

You name it: I walk in, look around, ask a few chatty little questions and walk out...

War. Don't trade with the Enemy.
Give what money you've got to those who are on your side.

Mother Ecclesiastica said...

I boycott all things Indian, as well.
Indians are too 'moslem' for me.
I despise Hinduism anyway: having seen it in action in India...

Bloody ridiculous!!??
I lived inside a COW before I got born, and I will again after I die???

Pooh! to that daft idea.

Oh yeah. And then there's chucking corpses into the open river so that they are blessed by the river-goddess.

I suppose you think Sikhs are really big and brave too, huh?

I saw the swiftest dhimmification ever of about 20 grown male Sikhs here in Australia a few years ago!

They had been allowed into Australia as 'refugees from Islamic persecution'.

It didn't matter that about 50 of us Aussies were there to protect them, and that our Federal Govt offered them new houses and fulltime jobs in another state in Australia...

European Resistant said...

I folow u too from central europe

We boycott all Kebab or Turc shop.

No holidays anymore in an muslim country

Nothing from them in our family house.

Europena Resistant

Anonymous said...

This is F-ing ridiculous. How would you like it if people boycotted your families corner store because of your religion. I'm not saying I support terrorism of any sort but god damn, you guys are being flat out racist against muslim people. do you actually read what your writing?

" Indians are too Muslim" for you. ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED? Not all indians are muslim you douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Being against islam isn't racism. It's simple common sense. I'm sure we all have no problems with people of different colours, It's just their mental failure of a cult that's the problem.

Leave islam and be human.